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Paul Ransom was born in Brighton, England in 1965 and moved to Adelaide, Australia in 1972. After growing up in outer suburbia he studied to be a teacher before getting married and trying to be a proper adult. He worked in the disability sector and taught drama to kids, as well as maths and English to prisoners in a maximum security gaol.

Thereafter, he gigged as a rock journo, film critic and magazine editor. He also did short stints as a nightclub DJ and band manager, in addition to writing PR blurbs and directing a film festival. In the early 2000s he worked as a lecturer in the media/arts sector.

However, after his marriage ended, he absconded to the tropics, where he went without sensible shoes and edited local publications for three years, before relocating to Melbourne to successfully complete a mid-life crisis and become an award winning independent filmmaker.

To date, he has published literally hundreds of articles for various publications, made four very arty rock videos, written reams of copy for countless clients and created a blog consisting entirely of love letters.

Shortly after creating As If You Were Listening in 2019, Paul published his book The Pointless Revolution! via Everytime Press. In March 2021 this was followed by a novel, The Last Summer Of Hair, via Truth Serum Press.

He currently lives in a forest near the township of Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges, where he ‘plays’ a red guitar, feeds birds on the verandah and cuts his own hair. On LinkedIn he refers to himself as an Author, Creative & Existential Economist, but in private he considers himself, somewhat mockingly, as a durational performance event.

PS: Although Paul is legally blind he does not publicly identify as disabled; in part because he wishes to consider his eyesight a gift rather than a curse.

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