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On the southern autumn equinox in 2021, the creator of As If You Were Listening released his novel The Last Summer of Hair through Adelaide based indie publisher Truth Serum Press.

Order in paperback or download e-book copies here.

To read the author’s insight into the creation of the work, check out Theft, Cannibalism & Shameless Self-Promotion on this site.

And now, the blurb…

‘That absolutely clinches it. This is the last summer of hair.’

Antonio ‘Tony’ Timone used to be beautiful. Too beautiful for the south coast town he left thirty years ago. But that was then…

Now, on the brink of 50, Tony is on his way home. Looks fading, black locks thinning, finally ready for something different. In a town of old lovers, tragic mothers and teenage smoking buddies, Tony soon realises that his return is also a ticket to genuine departure. And he may be ready to sacrifice his crowning glory to get it. 

The Last Summer Of Hair is an intimate and unexpected coming-of-age mosaic. With themes of mortality, beauty, love and tyranny, it maps stark inner landscapes and dark family histories onto the bright, sun-drenched canvas of summer by the sea. Lyrical, at times brutal, always nakedly honest, it is an evocative and occasionally mystical journey into the stories that make up who we are.

From the author of The Pointless Revolution, this is ‘bald’ fiction, a book not afraid to shave it off.

Because sometimes, beauty blooms where good looks fade. 

Get your copy, or read samples from The Last Summer of Hair right here.

When beauty departs, what’s left?

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