As If You Were Listening: The Home Of The Unheard is, in a small way, a paean to obscurity, a celebration of anonymity. Or, if you prefer, a nobody blog.  

In a spectacle based culture that grants megaphones to celebrities, many of us on the relatively quiet fringes may struggle with the attendant lack of attention. We may be tempted to regard this as a form of failure. Rejection, exile, etcetera. Perhaps, we may still be bemoaning the apparent injustice of it all, wondering if and when the world will wake up to our self-declared genius.

Then again, as this site would like to suggest, we can embrace our unknown status as a form of liberty. Unscrutinised and unsyndicated, we can enjoy comparative freedom. We can write as though nobody was reading.

As If You Were Listening is predicated on the idea that, in all likelihood, you are not. So now we can really sing.

Paul Ransom: Melbourne, Australia, September 2019  

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