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In the southern spring of 2019, the creator of As If You Were Listening published his non-fiction title The Pointless Revolution! (The Economics Of Doing Whatever You Want) through Adelaide based boutique publisher Everytime Press. Here below, some presser blurb, and links to samples and sales pages.

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The Pointless Revolution! heralds the end of standard meaning tropes. It shreds the bucket list, ignores the karmic KPIs and dilutes the power of either/or, pass/fail, outcome-based striving mantras. By exploding dogma, defusing mortal terror and thumbing its nose at spiritual correctness, it presents a simple yet powerful prescription for personal freedom and genuinely self-authored, sustainable happiness. Welcome to Existential Economics, where the profit is in the process.

What if we could be happy now? Suppose the pay-off didn’t have to wait until the rainy day, the after-life or the grand theory of everything? 

The book draws upon fields as diverse as economics, existentialism, evolutionary psychology and neuro-science to argue that genuine, present-day happiness is readily avaialble to all of us.

Order in paperback & eBook formats page here:

“Existential Economics is about spending your non-refundable time on Earth in ways that truly deliver dividends in happiness, freedom and authenticity.”


In simple terms, it’s about process over outcome, or and/also over the reductionism of either/or. It’s also about risk/reward, but rather than sticking narrowly to finance or business, it uses the economists’ conceptual toolkit to help us think with clarity about how we want to invest the most important thing we have; the time we have left.

“Because if time really was money, most of us would probably spend it on something other than what we are right now. And that includes our much-vaunted meaning narratives.”

Significantly, The Pointless Revolution! is careful to avoid the easy lure of ‘ultimate answers’ and ‘revealed truth’. Indeed, this revolution does not require epiphany, feats of self-denial, superfoods, identity politics, or the meaning of life. This revolution happens in the everyday, in the here & now, in newsfeeds and, importantly, in your self-talk.

The wisdom police won’t like it, and your financial planner might choke on their commission…but if you’re ready to live the life you really want (without ubiquitous mortal dread clouding everything), join the pointless revolution today. It might not turn you into the next Siddhartha, nor promise eternal life, but it will make that stuff seem far less important.              

“Because if you can stare into the face of oblivion and smile, a life of liberty and happiness is yours for the living.”


Everytime Press is an imprint of Bequem Publishing, an Adelaide based, bespoke publisher operating since 2010. They release print and electronic books globally. The Pointless Revolution! is their 82nd title.  

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